We offer three (3) types of General Membership:

Associate &

Ordinary Membership is free (Service and Associate Memberships). On registration, full access to the facilities are provided for a 7 day period in order for you to evaluate the site fully before making a decision to upgrade or not. You can upgrade at any time via a Personal Membership Control Panel. If you decide not to upgrade, your account will revert to standard Ordinary Membership. Your details are kept for contact purposes on major announcements and maintained in our database for future "mates" to find and contact you with the details provided. You will lose full access to the forum after 7 days but maintain access to the public web pages and partial access to forum pages. 

Associate Membership is designed for a direct family member of an eligible service person to be involved in the association. You will receive identical access to that of a Full member exept for voting rights and Service Members specific Topic areas and posted announcements. The cost of an Associate Subscription Membership is $20.00 per annum. You will receive a free lapel Association Badge and Membership card.

Full Membership
Full Membership is the top level of membership. This subscription is for Service members. You must have served with an Australian Anti Aircraft/Air Defence Artillery Unit, not necessarily the Artillery Corps. Members of other Supporting Elements of RAEME & other mixed Corps are welcome. This subscription entitles you to full access to all pages of the forum, voting rights and a say in the operation of the Association. You will receive a free lapel Association Badge and Membership card.  The cost of Full Membership is $20.00 per annum.

Full & Associate Membership includes access to: 

  • Representation
  • Regular organised reunions at Member discounts
  • A full Member database and contact details
  • Participating Member Biographys
  • Latest News and Events
  • An open forum for member discussions
  • Veteran news and contacts (with in-house Veteran affairs Advisors)
  • Online Merchandise Store with Special discounts,
  • A personal Control Panel
  • A Chapel where we remember our deceased members
  • Online Polls
  • A record of AD Arty History
  • A rapidly growing 1600 Photo Gallery featuring AD from 1940's to current with facility to upload your own
  • Applicable Files to Download
  • Real Time Chat Facilities including type and voice
  • Member Classified Ads
  • Veterans Aid and Assistance
  • Facility to record your full profile and inclusion in member biographys
  • A messaging system between members
  • Published Articles
  • Newsletters
  • A full Calendar featuring news and events

Payment can be made by various provided means including secure online credit card, direct deposit, cash, cheque or Postal Order and we also provide for online Paypal transactions.

New registrations

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Membership Types
  • Ordinary (Free)
  • Associate
  • Full
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