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The Anti Aircraft and Air Defence Memorial is located at Woodside Barracks South Australia, and honours the men and woman who served with, or in support of, Air Defence Units during war and peace.

Constructed in 2009 the memorial is positioned just inside the main gate and sits proudly in front of the Regiment’s flagpole. Constructed of concrete and black marble it bares the inscription “Lest we Forget” with an image emblazoned on the front depicting two Lewis gunners from the 14th Australian Anti Aircraft Battery during the defence of Darwin in February 1942. The image was taken from a famous painting by Roy Hodgkinson.

Over the years there has been some deterioration of the landscaping surrounding the memorial and the Association is embarking on a project to upgrade the area around the site.
The Association plans to pave around the memorial and border the site on three sides with a low wall. The improvements will create a place of reflection and provide sufficient space for the Regiment to mount a Catafalque party and carry out other drill during memorial services. The wall will be a convenient height to sit, rest and reflect on the deeds accomplished by our predecessors and the outer surrounds of the site will be bordered by trees that will provide some protection from the elements and give a feeling of solitude and peace.
We need your help – we are calling on supporters to provide the funds to accomplish the upgrade. Your support will be recognised with an engraved paver and laid near the memorial. This is an exclusive and limited offer for people and organisations to contribute to the landscaping of the memorial. Due to the restricted size of the area there are only a certain amount of pavers available
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